Wildpress x Gail's

 This season we teamed up with Gail's to create an exclusive apple juice. We have sourced from an organic orchard in Herefordshire called Hall End farm, where Ed Jefferson and his team are committed to sustainable growing and regenerative practices across their farm.


Wildpress-HallEndFarm2Spring Blossom in the Falstaff orchard


We picked some delicious Falstaff apples that Gail's founder Tom loved, and created an exclusive Wildpress x Gail's label for the partnership. We all agreed that pairing a local, low-food miles apple juice with your breakfast pastry, makes much more sense than importing oranges.

Gail's is committed to sourcing quality British produce and supporting small producers and local agriculture. We're delighted to have partnered them with a pioneering orchard and helping them make a direct and positive impact to the country's biodiversity - making their fridges that little bit regenerative. 


Wildflower Meadows & Herbal Ley at Hall End Farm
Traditional hedgerow planting provides great habitat for wildlife

"This summer we will be reaching for the freshest salads, bursting with life and colour, for summer tarts, buttery and rich and for proper sandwiches, overstuffed and brilliant with flavour. A celebration of good food, made to be enjoyed in the great outdoors."


We're stocked in all 75 Gail's bakeries and feature in their summer 'Click & Collect' picnic selections. Grab a bottle while you can!

Photos by Ed Jefferson at Hall End Farm