Caged Rebels

Our Rebel Harvest press is made from a mix of over 30 different heritage apples from Shire Farm in Lincolnshire. 

This included James Grieve, D'Arcy Spice, May Queen, Ingrid Marie, Winter Gem, Allington Pippin, Betty Geeson, Carlisle Codlin, Cooker Green, Cornish Aromatic, Edward VII, Egremont Russet, Gladstone, Jupiter, King of the Pippins, King Russet, Lord Derby, Madresfield Court, Red Ellisons Orange Pippin, Ribston Pippin, Rosemary Russet, Warner’s King, William Crump, Worcester Pearmain, Wyken Pippin, Catshead, King Charles Pearmain and Keswick Codlin.

The orchard at Shire Farm is still relatively young, but as the trees develop and the crop grows we will look to press more of these varieties 'straight-up' - or on their own - to let their individual flavours and characters shine.