Our Story & Process

Naturally inconsistent juices for different times

After years of working with food businesses, restaurants and farms, we regularly asked ourselves - can we find a way to work more with the amazing and sustainable local produce on our doorstep? In a way that restores our biodiversity and allows everyone to get involved and have an impact.

When we learnt about the decline of heritage apple varieties in Britain, their amazing variations in flavour, rich historical and cultural significance and even their peculiar names we leapt straight in. We discovered that this was part of a wider problem of broken supply chains, the decline of biodiverse habitats and the importance of traditional orchards within a sustainable farming system.

It was from a desire to address these issues in the UK and celebrate these apples and wonderful local produce that Wildpress was borne. Each bottle is full of delicious individuality and character, each press naturally inconsistent from the next and every purchase contributes to a healthy relationship with nature.

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Our process

A 'No-Rules' Approach

We take a free and open approach to pressing to create bold blends and single variety presses that celebrate nature's inconsistencies.

Getting Back to Nature

We source, pick, taste and pair lesser-known heritage apple varieties (the weirder the better) and seek out small, local, traditional, wild and pioneering orchards that are protecting and improving the natural environment around them.


We are building a business that works in balance with nature - local sourcing, local farm animals that eat the press waste, compostable packaging materials, CO2 neutral delivery and supporting regenerative farming.