FT Weekend

Two of our wonderful customers featured in the Financial Times Weekend Magazine, with recipes from Rob Simpson of the Clove Club and Oliver Kaviani of Joro. 

Wildpress Apple Juices
Superlative single variety and heritage apple juices from small orchards around the UK.


Words by Alice Lascelles


"The Clove Club, which features on the World’s 50 Best list, has long been a champion of non-alc pairings. “When we first started offering the non-alc menu five years ago, we sold maybe one a week,” says Simpson. “Now it’s three or four every service [of about 45 diners], plus another three or four people having the pairing that’s half-and-half alcohol and non.”

For the owners of Sheffield’s acclaimed restaurant Joro, it was their own decision to go sober post-lockdown that galvanised them to rethink their drinks menu. “You can’t say we do an amazing food offering and an amazing wine list and some great beers, and then tell someone who’s not drinking: ‘You can have tonic, mineral water or Coke’,” says Stacey French. “It’s about making everyone, whatever their reasons for not drinking, feel welcomed and looked after.”