Monocle Weekend

Pressing Concerns

Many in the UK will be revelling at the reopening of pubs this week (albeit only with alfresco service for now) but it is the soft-drink market, rather than booze, that appeals to Adam Grout and Nadeem Lalani Nanjuwany of Wildpress. The pair, who also run design studio Creative Family, launched their new range of apple juices as the UK was in lockdown. They saw an opportunity to make flavoursome new brews using less-lauded native apple varieties, from late-season bramleys to may queens and Ashmead’s kernels.

The result (with the sort of dapper packaging you’d expect from such a studio) is a range of pressed juices from small orchards across Berkshire, Kent, Lincolnshire and Somerset. The case for such a range is bigger than it seems too: Grout and Nanjuwany see protecting heritage varieties as a way to connect producers to new customers and boost biodiversity, organic farming and protecting the habitats of British hedgerows. Our verdict? Very refreshing indeed.