The Crab From Kent

6 x 750ml


(£6.20 per bottle)

Tasting Notes

Crabapples are a bit bonkers. The vibrant ‘Red Sentinels’ we used in this press are sharp, punchy and make you shake your head after a nibble. They’re only really used for jelly making and lots go to waste; however, most orchards use them to pollinate the trees at the start of the season.

In a small quantity we thought they could add a ‘tannic-twang’, so we blended some with Ashmead’s Kernel to give this press some added ‘grip’.

PS If anyone’s brave enough to try some crabapple juice straight up next year - let us know!

Red Sentinel, Ashmead's Kernel & Others
Sharp & punchy with a 'tannic-twang'
Standen Community Orchards, Kent

November 2022

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